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Baby it's friggin' cold outside!

OK, compared to other states in the nation, ours is NOT that cold. But when the body is used to mild winter temperatures and then there's a sudden 20 degree dip in the digits...well it's a bit cold for us!

I love a good soup. I really love a soup that is healthy to boot. One that allows me to maximize leftovers and feel good about minimal clean up because everything is done in ONE POT. This particular soup is a family favorite not only for its health benefits but because I can get it all together and done in under 30 minutes! How?? Easy! I prep!

Earlier this week I oven roasted two pork tenderloins. I saved one for this soup. I also pre sliced sweet onions and stored them in a glass container in the fridge. I've always got frozen, minced garlic cubes on hand thanks to Trader Joe's and this great product by Dorot. Super convenient!

Please note that I've also made this soup with leftover Turkey from Thanksgiving. You can basically use ANY protein you want. As for the greens, I choose to use the Power to the Greens mix from Trader Joe's. Seasoning? Well, that's just the beauty of this soup. I don't add any seasoning. I've already pre-seasoned the pork that I baked off, and there are some other amazing flavors that truly help to bring this dish to life. You can add as much or as little seasoning as you like. It's your choice! Personally I like to add some tortilla chips to my soup right before I dig in. It's both salty and crunchy and adds a little bit of interest to the soup.

Please enjoy this delicious Pork, White Bean and Kale soup from Eating Well.

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