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How Sweet it Is!

OK, this has been has been a challenging week. So instead of writing about a dinner, I'm going to write about the best part (in my opinion) of any meal....DESSERT! Sometimes we need little sweet love at the end of a satisfying meal. This particular dessert is SUPER easy to make, tics all the boxes for sweet, homestyle and warming up the cockles of your heart. Serve with a scoop of excellent vanilla ice cream and you'll see the happy faces light up across the table.

I'll keep this article short and sweet (ha, ha...see what I did there?). As with any recipe, you can increase or decrease the size to meet your family's needs. You can even assemble to entire thing ahead of time then pop it in the oven when you're ready to bak it. Please enjoy one of our very favorite desserts, Ina Garten's Old Fashioned Apple Crisp.

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