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It's Thursday, I am bored

It's almost the end of the week. I've been putting meals together since Sunday and I've got auditions and projects to work on...I don't have TIME for another dinner!

Oh yes I do! And so do you! Because this dinner is done in one pan and it's delicious! I came up with this one when I only had a few ingredients and was trying to think of a quick meal that would use the minimum amount of dishes. Voila! I give you a ground meat stir fry dinner. You can use any kind of ground meat, I use the Trader Joe's organic ground turkey (about 1 lb). Like all of my recipes, you can tailor it to meet your household needs. Add more, add less, have leftovers (the best!), whatever suits your needs!

I did mention in an earlier blog post (and my teaser photo today) that food/meal prep is a HUGE time saver! When I got home from my weekly market trip on Sunday, I washed, dried and sliced up three bell peppers and stored them in the fridge (I prefer a glass container lined with a paper towel). I also prepped two smallish onions by peeling and slicing them up (not chopping) and keeping them in halves in an unlined glass container. I used some of them in an earlier dish this week and will use the rest tonight.

You will need: A large skillet with tall sides. I have a nonstick 10 inch round skillet.

Olive oil

1 lb of ground meat of your choice

1 sliced onion (I prefer sweet)

3 sliced bell peppers

1 package of taco seasoning

1 cup of water

your choice of garnishes (avocado, cilantro, cheese crumbles...if no more voiceover for the night and taco chips

Mix your taco seasoning into 1 cup of warm water. You can add as much or as little seasoning as you like, depending on how spicy you want your dish. I use a fork to mix things up and continue to give it a stir as I'm cooking the first couple of ingredients. Heat pan on medium/high with some olive oil. Add your meat and start breaking it apart into chunks. Let this start to brown up a bit as you break it up, then push it to one side and add your sliced onions to the other half of your pan. You can add more olive oil if you need to. Let the onions and meat brown separately, constantly stirring them around so nothing gets burned. Once you start to see light color develop on both, you can stir them together and continue browning. Adjust heat accordingly if things are starting

to brown too fast. Once the meat has no more pink spots, add in your taco seasoning and turn your heat up until you've got a good simmer. Stir occasionally so you don't burn anything, adjust heat as necessary.

When most of the liquid has absorbed and you have simmered it down a bit, push everything to one side and add in your sliced peppers. Tip: I pull the side of the pan with the meat/onion mixture off of the heat, allowing the other half with the peppers to get the most heat. You can drizzle in more olive oil if you need to. Stir peppers occasionally until you see them start to brown, then slide the entire pan back onto the flame and mix everything together. Let this bubble a bit together to allow all the flavors to meld, remember to keep adjusting the heat so you don't burn anything.

That's it! You're done! Add topping as you like! Enjoy this speedy dinner!

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