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It's winter, so that means it's time for... salad!

Say what??? Yup, you heard me! I didn't think such a thing existed either, until I saw the recipe! I tried it. Then we repeated it. It's been a favorite dinner for well over a year now, and was even our 2020 Christmas dinner. It's a colorful vegetarian dish packed with veggies for that essential Vitamin D we lack in the winter, antioxidants from the pomegranate seeds and a lovely vinaigrette to tie it all together.

Thank you to Martha Stewart Living for this recipe! Here is the link:

As promised, I try to make recipes that are quick so I can dive back into a recording session or urgent audition if needed. Thank goodness for my local Trader Joe's for having handy things to make this recipe come together super fast! They have Organic Pomegranate seeds in the refrigerated section, Organic crimini mushrooms, pre chopped butternut squash (sorry, I really don't have the time for all that chopping!), toasted pine nuts, bags of butter lettuce with raddichio, perfect little packages of endives, herbed feta crumbles (optional of course!), Dijon mustard, frozen cubes of crushed garlic and of course olive oil.

I assemble the lettuces in a large bowl and set aside in the fridge while I'm roasting up the veggies. Follow the recipe's instructions for roasting! While they are cooking,I whisk up the vinaigrette with the garlic cubes I've let soften at room temperature for a bit. *TIP* dampen a dish towel and wrap it around the base of the bowl you are going to be whisking your vinaigrette in. Or, what I do, use some of that non-slip cut to size rubbery shelf liner. Just a small square grips the bottom of your bowl allowing you to drizzle the oil with one hand and whisk with the other. The dampened towel also does the trick!

What we have found is that it's best to actually let everyone add their desired amount of toppings to their own salads, rather than put it all together at once. This is a HUGE bonus for when you might have leftovers...your salad doesn't get all mushy and you can enjoy a lovely lunch of it the next day.

Serve with slices from a fresh baguette of sourdough or french bread and either softened salted butter or a vegan spread of your choice. I love a glass of Chilean Sauvignon Blanc or a Buttery Chardonnay. A sparkling water adds a lovely light quench too!

Please try out the salad and let me know what you think! (note, the picture is before the addition of the pine nuts and cheese crumbles)

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