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Open Sesame!

So many phrases start with the word Open. Open book. Open spaces. Open floor plan. Open up. Open door. So why do we get so closed-minded about what and HOW to eat a meal?

A lot of us get stuck when it comes to dinner. Some of us think that dinner has to be a set type of dish: Main dish and two sides please. Why? Why do we get so hung up on this? Heck, even restaurants offer up menus JUST LIKE THIS!

Well I say Kick that door open and have dinner any 'ol way you choose!

I present...The Open Plate Plan!

This particular evening I started with bacon. Then we added some delicious scrambled eggs that were folded with some Boursin cheese and chopped chives. Next up, fresh on the vine tomatoes sliced just right. Add some avocado and one precious slice of toasted sourdough bread and VOILA! You've just put together an Open Plate! This plate can be assembled on the toast, next to the toast, or one at a time. The flavors are lovely, the ingredients are varied and flavorful and it's a filling and satisfying meal all around.

This was our version of the Open Plate Plan. Try one for yourself! Come on...deconstruct a sandwich, rearrange a pasta dish, use locally sourced ingredients and most importantly...HAVE FUN!

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