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How to feed a Voice Over artist

Well hey there! Thanks for dropping by!

This blog is about the dinners I make at the end of a day of voiceover. I love food. I would love to do VO about food..hmm, maybe I will. I love trying new dishes that my family likes. I REALLY love making something that is fast, uses the minimum of dishes for me to wash and creates leftovers.

Sometimes I have to dive back into the booth for a fast audition or session. So I am trying to include recipes that have the MINIMUM of dairy in them that will reduce any yucky mouth noises.

All I'm really sharing is some of the simple recipes we like in this family and hopefully you'll find them enticing too. Some are vegetarian, some are keto and some are used over and over because they just taste good!

I encourage meal prep whenever you can. I don't always do this because I either run out of time or I'd rather be doing something else. Prepping REALLY saves a lot of time, especially if I am in between auditions and I want to get something on the table fast.

Not all of these recipes are mine. I will cite the source every time I am using a recipe from a book or a famous chef. What I HAVE found is substituting or tweaking the recipe to work for us is a HUGE savings!

Got a recipe you like and want me to try? Go for it! We do have food allergies here, so I can't eat everything. Oh, and I do try to avoid dairy as it makes the voice all gross and I cannot record after eating it.

I thank you too for your patience. I may not always update this, and I will try to take yummy looking photos to go along with the meals. :-) Like this one!

This is a Keto dish that is super easy to make and I will use it for breakfast throughout the week if there are enough leftovers. I find that protein is the best "stick to the ribs" meal that lasts the longest. I modified this recipe by excluding the cheese.

Egg Frittata

Pre-Heat oven to 350 degrees, rack in the middle

9 inch pie dish buttered

8 eggs beaten with some heavy cream, seasoned with salt, pepper and red pepper flakes

1 package of Trader Joe's Hot Italian sausage, cooked, broken into chunks and drained of fat on a paper towel

2 large shallots sliced and saute until soft with slight color (can saute these in a few Tb of remaining fat from sausage)

A large handful of baby spinach wilted in the heat of the pan at the end of cooking the shallots.

***make sure you've let the sausage cool before adding everything together***

Pour egg mixture into the pie dish and gently add the other ingredients.

Bake for 30 minutes until golden and fluffy. Let cool a bit before serving

**You can substitute the meat with mushrooms, but you will have to sweat out the moisture from the sliced mushroom of your choice while you are sauteing the onions.**

**Factoid: the enzyme in dairy that causes lactose intolerance is baked out at high temperature!**

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