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Winner! Winner! It's a Sunday Chicken Dinner!!

Are Sunday's the only day of the week to make a roasted chicken? No!! Should you only serve finger foods during a Super Bowl Sunday party? about the after party? This recipe is a winner ANY day of the week.

I had never roasted a chicken before in my life. Then, I saw the mouth-watering photo for this recipe and I was sold. I thought it was going to be a super hard dish to make. Nope. It turned out PERFECT! I don't really vary this recipe much, just the time based on the size of the bird. And yes, this would work on a small turkey too. The one variation is that I use either Dutch baby gold or plain ol gold potatoes. This is technically a one pot recipe as you'll need one pot to boil the potatoes in, but you are using a sheet pan for baking (please use parchment's so much easier to clean up and less toxic than aluminum foil). If you keep Kosher, you can probably substitute margarine for the butter. However, I've only used butter so I cannot attest to how well the margarine will work.

This dish is so amazing. The skin is crispy, the chicken stays moist and all the juices and butter run into the potatoes around the chicken (don't crowd them too closely to the chicken or else the meat won't bake well) and turn the potatoes into crispy, golden nuggets of joy with that creamy potato in the center. Heaven!

***I highly recommend you let the bird come up to room temp before baking. It will bake more evenly!***

I present to you, my culinary and VO friends, the Martha Stewart Crisp Skinned Chicken with Rosemary Potatoes

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